Amazingly Imaginative Playgrounds by Monstrum

Playgrounds Monstrum-1

Danish design studio called Monstrum creates some very imaginative unique playgrounds representing all kinds of fantastical scenes for the kids to spend their day into. Each new playground is not like the previous one. They all are very original and really fun to play in.

Playgrounds Monstrum-2 Playgrounds Monstrum-3 Playgrounds Monstrum-4 Playgrounds Monstrum-5 Playgrounds Monstrum-6 Playgrounds Monstrum-7 Playgrounds Monstrum-8 Playgrounds Monstrum-9 Playgrounds Monstrum-10 Playgrounds Monstrum-11 Playgrounds Monstrum-12 Playgrounds Monstrum-13 Playgrounds Monstrum-14