Surreal Murals by Etam Cru Turn Boring Facades into Amazing Art

Etam Cru Murals-1

Polish street artists Sainer and Bezt, known as Etam Cru, creates these massive murals that are most of the time several stories tall and full of color. Many of their works are based on Eastern European folkloric mysticism and symbolism. Most part of their work has been done in Poland, but Etam Cru also brings its art to other countries.

Etam Cru Murals-2 Etam Cru Murals-3 Etam Cru Murals-4 Etam Cru Murals-5 Etam Cru Murals-6 Etam Cru Murals-7 Etam Cru Murals-8 Etam Cru Murals-9 Etam Cru Murals-10 Etam Cru Murals-11 Etam Cru Murals-12